Fort Washington

Membership FAQ

How do I pay? Do you offer payment plans?
All memberships are paid for via credit card, through our membership management software, eSoft.  Payment may be made immediately as a single payment or a monthly payment plan, split over several months. Our monthly payment plan starts on the 15th of each month from the month of signup through May 15. Note: Your credit card will not be charged until the 15th of every month, including your original sign-up month.

Do you offer refunds?
Before opening weekend (Saturday before Memorial Day), you may request a full refund, minus a 5% processing fee.  After opening day (Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend) NO refunds will be allowed.  Contact to request a refund.  Refunds will be sent by check to the address listed on your membership,

How do I sign my child up for the Swim & Dive team?
Swim and Dive team signup will be offered in early spring, through the eSoft system.  Please make sure your esoft profile is up to date with your child’s information and accurate birthdate.

Do you offer memberships for just nights or weekends, or for part of the summer?
Not at this time. We have sometimes offered reduced-price memberships starting in August, depending on that summer’s enrollment. 

Can I get a membership just for the pool, without tennis?
All our swim memberships include use of tennis (and pickleball!) courts as a free amenity.
Offering swim-only memberships would not allow us to change our membership prices.

Do you offer any discounted memberships for families with financial need?
We offer a limited number of assisted memberships each year for our local community families with a demonstrated financial need.  

What’s the cost for infants?
Children under the age of 2 on Opening Day (the Saturday before Memorial Day) are ‘free’ and do not need to be listed on your membership.  We suggest adding them as a family member in your eSoft profile.

What is the age used to for Senior memberships?
If you turn 65 before Opening Day (the Saturday before Memorial Day) , you can register for our Senior Swim and Tennis Membership or Senior Tennis Membership.

Can someone join who’s not in my household?
Family memberships are offered PER HOUSEHOLD – if someone is living in your home as their primary residence this summer, they may be included on your family membership. This includes exchange students, grandchildren, etc.  If they are living primarily in a different household, they should be on that household’s membership.
​Members of other local households may not claim to be temporarily living in a member’s household for purposes of adding onto their membership. They must have their own membership, and if under 16, that membership must include an adult.
Grandparents or other relatives who are not members of the same household should buy their own membership.

Can I get a membership just for my child without getting one for myself? 
Individual memberships are available for ages 16 and over.
Anyone under 16 must have a parent or responsible adult as part of their family membership, but may visit the pool alone as long as they are at least 12 years old.

How old must my child be to attend the pool without adult supervision?
We allow children 12 and over to attend the pool without adult supervision.  This is a privilege that can be revoked on an individual basis, at the discretion of the pool manager for violating our code of conduct (see our website for rules and regulations).

What about caregivers/nannies/babysitters?
Caregivers (>18)  who are not part of your household may be added to your membership as a separate add-on at the time of purchase.  Caregivers may ONLY visit the pool when accompanying a child on the membership; they may not visit alone. and only one caregiver should visit the pool at a time.  The cost is $70 each, and a household may purchase up to two caregiver add-ons.  Grandparents may be listed as caregivers ONLY IF they are part of a different household, and ONLY with children, when parents cannot come.

What’s your guest policy?
Guest passes are available for purchase at the gate at the time of entry, and guests are $10 each for the day and $5 after 5PM.  A member may bring the same guest up to five times over the course of the season. The same guest policy applies for tennis.  Members who wish to bring a guest for tennis when the pool isn’t open may leave payment at the Strings-n-things pro shop.

Are there membership cards?
Each family membership will be issued 2 membership cards with the family name (last name of first person on membership) and barcode.  Please try to bring a card with you when you come to the club. If you forget your card, provide your name at the gate and the staff on duty will check you in.

I already bought a membership, but need to add someone to it! How do I do that?
Sign in to eSoft and do three things:

  1. First, make sure the family member you want to add is listed in your profile with the correct name and age.
  2. Then, look for the ‘Scheduling->Camps/Classes’ tab, and buy the ‘Membership add-on’ class that describes the membership change you’re making. (Purchase it for anyone on your existing membership; doesn’t matter who; it’s just how you can pay for the change to your memberhip.)
  3. Finally, send an email to to let us know you’ve purchased the add-on, and our membership manager will delete your old membership and reissue it to include the new person.

I have a hardship. Are there options for financial assistance?

Yes! We do not want anyone to miss out on summer fun! Please send an email to to request an application.