Fort Washington

Mini Sharks

Mini Sharks is a developmental program of group swim lessons for swimmers who are water safe but who have not yet achieved proper stroke technique. This program is the gateway to pre-team and the Sharks swim team.
To be eligible for the program, children must be able to do the following:

  • put their face in the water with eyes looking at the bottom of the pool
  • should be able to blow bubbles with face in the water
  • keep themselves afloat

Our goal for the Mini Sharks program is for children to learn the fundamentals of freestyle and backstroke. Introducing the concept of side-breathing, while working on swimming a complete lap unassisted down the pool; in preparation to join the Fort Sharks pre-team.

  • Maximum Participants per Class: 20
  • Number of Classes per season: 2
  • Cost$150 (3-week program)

Signups available in the Spring via eSoft account under Camps/Classes