Fort Washington

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Our Fort mission is to provide an inclusive, safe, and fun experience to our members, staff and community to improve their physical and mental health through our recreational, social and charitable activities, developing lifelong friendships and community bonds.
“We swim, we play, we help, and we have FUN!”

Equity Statement

Acceptance of everyone in our community.
Opportunities for everyone in our community.
Giving back to the community.The Fort realizes there are disparities in our community.  Our goal is to offer services and opportunities that are available to everyone in our community regardless of abilities, race, gender and sexual orientation.

We provide the following services:

  • Financial Aid Assistance is a regular part of our annual budget
  • We work with SPEAC* to hire staff of varying abilities
  • We hold events for children with all abilities
  • We host events for others in the community

*SPEAC is a non-profit parent organization dedicated to supporting the learning of all students. We collaborate with the Upper Dublin school district and the community to create partnerships that increase opportunities and enhance the education experience. They can be found here: Special-Education-Advisory-Council-of-Upper-Dublin-117152382994831/

Reviewed and Updated on 06/07/2023